12-CH Wall Charger

12-CH Wall Charger - V-Mount

Using a 12-Channel Wall charger is a convenient way to make sure all your batteries are always ready for the set. Best suited for rental houses. The Kit includes screws and plates for wall-mounting. And it only uses one power cable. With three switches, you can power just four channels at once – or all twelve together. The sturdy aluminum housing and three fans on top make sure the device doesn’t overheat. The status display shows the battery voltage and charging output, so you always know the percentage of each individual battery. Easy to use – with a big impact on charging control.


This Wall Chargers chargers 12 V-Mount batteries at the same time with a current of 4 Amps. Perfect for rental houses. A display shows the voltage and charging current.


100~240VAC 47~63Hz

DC Outputs:

12 Channels x 16.8V/4.0A