Portable Power Station

Enhanced Reliability

The MAX2400 Portable Power Station not only boasts remarkable power capabilities but also comes packed with features that enhance its reliability. Its battery lifespan exceeds 2000 cycles, even under standard testing conditions at 25℃, ensuring a long service life. This exceptional reliability makes it a dependable choice for a wide range of applications.

Seamless Multi-Device Use

What sets this portable power station apart is its seamless multi-device functionality. It delivers a clean, pure sine wave output through four AC outlets, enabling multiple devices to operate simultaneously without any risk of interruptions. The swift 10ms UPS switching time further enhances its ability to cater to various devices, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Efficient Charging and Discharging

Efficiency is at the heart of the MAX2400’s design. It supports simultaneous charging and discharging, ensuring a continuous and stable power supply. Users can experience a peak AC discharge of 4800W within a mere 200ms, making it an ideal choice for powering electronic tools effectively.

Rapid Recharge and Versatile Compatibility

Recharging the battery is a breeze, thanks to the built-in 1500W high-power charging mechanism. You can recharge it directly using the provided AC charging cable, achieving full capacity in just 1.6 hours. Additionally, the station offers versatile charging options, including USB-A, USB-C, and wireless, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of devices.

Advanced Safety Measures

Safety is paramount with the MAX2400. It’s equipped with comprehensive safety features to protect against over-current, over-discharge, overload, and over-voltage during both charging and discharging processes. An intuitive smart LCD screen provides essential battery usage information for efficient power management.

Eco-Friendly Options

The MAX2400 supports solar charging up to 800W, making it an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, it’s compatible with 12V car charging systems for added convenience.

Durable Construction

Built to withstand the rigors of various applications, the MAX2400 features a rugged metal frame complemented by rubber corner guards. This construction enhances its durability, making it a reliable choice for outdoor operations, film and broadcast settings, and more.

Safety and Convenience Features

To add an extra layer of versatility and safety, the MAX2400 incorporates a built-in 5W emergency light and an SOS alarm function. These features make it an ideal companion for various applications, from outdoor adventures to emergency situations.

In summary, the MAX2400 Portable Power Station is a versatile powerhouse, tailor-made to meet the rigorous demands of the film and television industry, home emergency setups, outdoor adventures, disaster relief efforts, field operations, and various other applications. It’s a true game-changer in the world of portable power, offering unmatched power, capacity, reliability, and versatility. Elevate your power solution today with the MAX2400 and experience a new level of portable power versatility.

SKU: MAX2400

Additional information


40Ah / 2060.8Wh

Internal Voltage


Rated Energy


Inverter Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Cigarette Lighter Socket


DC Output (x2)

12V – 5A (each)

USB-A Output (x2)

Max 18W, 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A

USB-C Output (x2)

Max 100W – 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A

Wireless Charging


LED Light


Combined Output:

2400W (AC+DC 12V + USB-A + USB-C)

AC Input

200V~260V/6.5A, 50Hz

AC Input Power


Solar Panel Input

DC 12~55V, 800W (Max)

Car Charger Input

DC 12V/24V, 192W (Max)

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 60°C

Charging Temperature

0°C to 50°C


479mm (L) x 349mm (W) x 344mm (H)