B Mount Battery

B-Mount Battery – 28.8V / 293Wh


The B-Mount Battery is a cutting-edge battery system developed by ARRI and Bebob to establish a new industry standard for digital cinema and video production. It offers advantages over traditional batteries, including real-time communication between the camera or luminaire and the battery, smaller battery plates, and various power specifications. ARRI also offers two chargers specifically designed for the B-Mount Battery.


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The B-Mount Battery is a cutting-edge design jointly developed by ARRI and Bebob. It has been created to establish a new, future-proof industry standard. Compared to V- and Gold-Mount batteries, the B-Mount Battery offers several advantages:

With additional data pins, the B-Mount Battery allows communication between the camera or luminaire and the battery. For example, it can report the status of battery capacity and cycles.

The internal release mechanism of the B-Mount Battery allows for even smaller battery plates than with V- or Gold-Mount plates. This is a significant advantage, especially as cameras continue to shrink in size. The new release mechanism also facilitates quick battery changes while on set.

B-Mount batteries are available in various designs and power specifications, with a minimum output of 15 amps at 24 Volts. Our chargers can charge the batteries with up to 4 Amps of current.

We also offer two new chargers specifically designed for B-Mount batteries.


Capacity: 10.2Ah/293Wh
Voltage: 28.8V
Load: 10A / 250W (max.)
D-Tap Outputs: Yes (2x) 16V 60W (max.)
USB-A Output: 5V/2A 10W (max.)
USB-C In- / Output: 5V~20V/3A 60W(max.)
Dimensions: 154mm x 100mm x 87mm (LxWxH)
Weight: –

Technical Drawing