V-Mount Batteries

The Bi-Voltage Series provides 14.8V or 28V Output with the push of a button. 

Probably the world’s smallest V-Mount battery. And it’s not just small – its powerful.

The demand for higher power batteries let us to reimagine and redesign the original Square Battery

26V Battery

The 26V battery is suited for equipment inputs ranging from 18 to 30VDC. 

The Square Battery Series features a compact and sturdy battery design 

The High Power Battery series is made for equipment that uses much current at a rated voltage of 14.8 Volts

The Cool Black Series batteries with a simple 5-level status indicator which shows you the capacity level.

The Cool Blue Series batteries with an LCD screen which shows you the battery cycle, voltage, lasting time, and capacity percentage

The UPS – Intelligent Li-Ion V-Mount battery provides your equipment with continuous power. So you never run out of battery time.