Smart Wall Charger

12 CH Smart Wall Charger – 16.8V / 4A V-Mount


The Smart Charger is designed to support SMBUS batteries. These batteries communicate with the camera and also with a charger. The charger can display the battery cycle, capacity percentage, remaining charging time and current. Ideal if you need all the information or already use smart batteries.


This Smart Wall Charger is the perfect addition to all your V-Mount batteries. When you have a lot of V-Mount batteries that need to be charged for your next job, it will greatly help with time saving. Instead of always changing batteries and waiting, you can add up to 12 batteries on this Smart Wall Charger. They will charge up simultaneously!

With the extra information that smart batteries with the SMBUS system can show, each display will give you more information. You will see charging cycles, voltage, charging time and a capacity percentage. Of course you can also use it with normal V-Mount batteries.

The four mounting plates allow you to nicely screw it into a Wall in your rental or production company. Screws and mounting plates are included in the package. There are also three main switches, that you can use to power on or off the charger into three groups. These groups are built out of 4 charging channels. All batteries will be charged simultaneously!

If your prefer to keep the charger mobile, thats also not a problem.  Just make sure that the ventilation system is not blocked by anything and you are ready to go! For other wall chargers, take a look at the 12 CH Wall Charger and the 12-Ch Bi-Voltage Wall Charger.



100~240VAC 47~63Hz

Power Draw:


DC Outputs:

12 x 16.8V/4.0A






In the box

  • 1 × Charger
  • 1 × power cable