Skypower 24V Kit 300 - DC Output Adapter & Charger V-Mount

SKU: FX-24K300

The Skypower is both a charger and power adapter. It has two 14.8V outputs and one 24V output. Put four batteries on it and your set for powering LED lights or cameras.

This Kit includes (besides the 24V Skypower) four 300Wh High Power batteries and a soft bag.


The classic Skypower Series features a 24V and 48V version for V-Mount or Gold-Mount batteries. Both versions act as battery charger and power station. The charging output is 2 Amps at 16.8 Volts.

If you put four 14.8V batteries on it, doesn’t matter how much capacity they have, the 14.8 volts are being transformed to 24V or 48V (according to the version). At the same time you have two 14.8V outputs via XLR Connector to power anything that accepts this voltage. This could be a camera via XLR to D-TAP cable or any other electrical equipment that runs on 14.8V. Fxlion offers different types of cables.

The power station and charger can’t work together at the same time. To switch to the DC Output (transformer) there’s a switch on the upper side of the front panel. On the back you’ll find a status indicator for each of the four channels.

In the box

1 x PL-4DCS

4 x FX-HP-300S

1 x FX-SKYB01