SKYONE - 48V / 24V DC Output Adapter & Charger V-Mount


With the SKYONE you have a powerful tool to power even big LED lights on set. It is similar to the SKYPOWER series, so it converts the voltage and capacity of four V-Mount batteries together and gives you different output voltages With both D-TAP and DC Outputs you have a few different possibilities to power your devices. You can even charge your batteries without changing to a charger. The display indicates other information like remaining capacity, voltage and so on.


The SKYONE combines the features of both, the SKYPOWER 24V and SKYPOWER 48V and gives you
much more possibilities. Instead of one 24V/48V Output you have 2 x 24V (15A) and 2 x 48V (10A)
Outputs as well as 2 x 14.8V (15A) Outputs.
For powering any other devices, there are two D-Tap and two USB Outputs available. And all you need is
four V-Mount batteries. You can even use this portable power station for charging your V-Mount batteries if
needed. A little LCD display shows you the charging voltage and amps, as well as the status of the batteries
and their cycles. All these features put together in a single Hard-Case – best suited for even hard weather
conditions on set, as well as a sturdy rental product for rental houses.


Battery Output Adapter

DC Input: 14.8V*4(battery)

DC Output: 14.8V*2 15A(max.) | 24V*2 15A(max.) |48V*2 10A(max.)

14.8V/24V/48V can work simultaneously

D-TAP Outputs: 14.8V 15A(max.)

USB-A Outputs: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A


Battery Charger

Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Output: 16.8V/4A *4

Can charge 4pcs V-lock batteries simultaneously

Dimension: 490(L)mm*395(W)mm*215(H)mm

Weight: 7320g