Plates for Lights

These plates are designed for either different features such as hot-swap functions etc. or different lighting fixtures. Please have a look at the specification table for further information.


Features: converts 2 x 14.8V batteries to high voltage (26V), can be mounted between stand and light.

Outputs: 1 x D-Tap 20-33.8V

Dimensions: 206(L)*134.5(W)*45.5(H)mm

Weight: 910g


Features: uninterrupted power supply as the Intelligent System changes to the second battery, when the voltage drops on the first one.

Outputs: 1 x D-Tap 14.8V

Dimensions: 220(L)mm×134.5(W)mm×45.5(H)mm

Weight: 972g

Single Adapter Plate


Features: Can be put between stand and light for powering the light via D-Tap

Outputs: 1 x D-Tap 14.8V

Dimensions: 141(L)*150(W)*50(H)mm

Weight: 634g


Features:  offers the possibility to power the ARRI Skypanel S60 / S30 / S120 with V-Mount batteries. It can be slided onto the back of the Skypanel, where usually the Transformer attaches.

Input: 2 x 14.8V Batteries

Output: 24V (4-Pin XLR-F)

Dimensions: 319(L)*109(W)*65(H)mm

Weight: 620g


Features:  Clamp your V-Mount Plate to a lighting stand or any compatible sized tube/rail to power your light.

Dimensions: 141(L) mm×100(W)mm×70(H)mm

Weight: 332g