We provide power solutions for the
film & television industry

Ever wondered how you can power big light source, like the Skypanel S-60 or Gemini on the go? Or your Laptop? We offer different solutions to all these questions. Our product line ranges from Lithium-ion batteries to all-in-one power solutions to adapt to the needs of the market. If you need any assistance – contact us.

Everything to get you

We provide you with all sorts of power cables, so you can use our solutions with most lights on the market.

Power for every
individual project.

Browse through the battery series to find a suitable battery for your next project. Our support page gives you more insight on all the products and their specs.

Fitting the needs
of the industry.

Product development gets faster and faster – also for the film industry. We always try to keep up with this speed to create solutions for new products on the market.